İDO Kadıköy Port

Trips from IDO Kadıköy Pier

Two trips operated at IDO Kadıköy Pier are divided into two categories: inner city line and intercity line trips.

Intercity Line Trips:

  • Kadıköy – Yenikapı – Bursa
  • Kadıköy – Yenikapı – Armutlu Tatil Köyü – Armutlu – Kumla – Bursa

Offering price, fuel and time advantages for its passengers with trips operated between the piers in the Marmara region, IDO connects the north and south of the Sea of Marmara. You can easily buy tickets for daily intercity line trips and enjoy the comfort of IDO while traveling.

Inner City Trips:

  • Bostancı - Kadıköy - Yenikapı - Bakırköy

You do not need to buy tickets for IDO inner city line trips. You can use Istanbulkart for IDO's trips operating within Istanbul.

History of IDO Kadıköy Pier

The land of Kadıköy Pier, which was put into service in 1993, and the landing stage and terminal building on it belong to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Built in the reinforced concrete carcass structure style, the building has a floor covered with ceramic granite and its suspended ceilings are made up of imported stone wool. Round trips to Karaköy, Bakırköy and Yenikapı were launched in the 1990s. In the summer season of the same decade Büyükada trips were operated.

Today inner city line services operated at IDO Kadıköy Pier include Yenikapı, Bakırköy, Bostancı trips; and the intercity line services Armutlu, Armutlu Tatil Köyü, Kumla and Bursa trips.

Where is IDO Kadıköy Pier?

Although IDO Kadıköy Pier is located in Caferağa neighbourhood, the historical balloon is often used to describe its location. Situated next to the balloon, which one of the oldest symbols of Kadıköy, IDO Kadıköy Terminal is easily accessible thanks to its central location.

IDO Kadıköy Pier Map

IDO Kadıköy Pier Address Description

There are many alternatives on how to get to IDO Kadıköy Pier. You can choose among different options how to reach the pier situated in one of the most central points of the city.

How to Go to IDO Kadıköy Pier by Ferry

As one of the best ways to travel in Istanbul, city ferries are available for you to take a panoramic Istanbul tour and enjoy the endless blue of the Bosporus. The ferry services to Kadıköy Pier are as follows:

● Beşiktaş - Kadıköy

● Karaköy - Kadıköy

● Kadıköy - Eminönü

● Kadıköy - Sarıyer

● Adalar

You can easily reach IDO Kadıköy Pier with the trips operated on these lines.

How to Go to IDO Kadıköy Pier by Metrobus

It is possible to go to IDO Kadikoy Pier by metrobus, one of the most frequently used public transportation vehicles in Istanbul. You can get off at the last stop, Söğütlüçeşme, on the Anatolian Side and then reach IDO Kadıköy Pier with a 15 to 20-minute walk towards the coast. It is important to keep in mind that the metrobus serves 24 hours a day.

How to Go to IDO Kadıköy Pier by Metro

Metro is another transportation option you can prefer to reach IDO Kadıköy Pier. You can easily go to Kadıköy by M4 Kadıköy - Tavşantepe metro line. To reach IDO Kadıköy Pier, you need to leave from the exit numbered 1 of Kadıköy Metro station and walk about 2 minutes.

How to Go to IDO Kadıköy Pier by Tram

You can also take the T3 Kadıköy - Moda tram line, one of Istanbul's nostalgic tram lines, and witness the historical texture of the district. IDO Kadıköy Pier is the last stop of the tram departing from the İskele Camii stop.

How to Go to IDO Kadıköy Pier by Bus

Another option for IDO Kadıköy Pier is the local bus lines, which are frequently used for transportation from the Anatolian Side. To reach Kadıköy you can use some bus lines departing from the European Side and can arrive at Istanbul Sea Buses Kadikoy Pier by just walking a few minutes.

How to Go to IDO Kadıköy Pier by Minibus

Yellow minibuses departing from different points of the city are one of the transportation vehicles you can use to go to IDO Kadıköy Sea Bus Pier.

How to Go to IDO Kadıköy Pier by Marmaray

As one of the most frequently used public transportation vehicles recently, Marmaray is another option to reach Kadıköy Sea Bus Pier. You just need to take Marmaray to go to Ayrılıkçeşmesi stop and then transfer to M4 Kadıköy - Tavşantepe Metro line. After one stop you will be in Kadıköy. IDO Kadikoy Pier is about 2 minutes’ walk away from the exit numbered 1 of Kadikoy Metro Station.

Where to Spend Time in Kadıköy?

Kadıköy, one of the most vibrant spots of Istanbul, is a place where you will enjoy spending time. Kadıköy draws a colourful scene with dozens of different cafes and achieves to offer a variety of options with the beauties of the district. In Kadıköy where you can find several historical architectural works, Haydarpaşa Train Station is one of the most important places to visit. Built during the reign of Abdulhamid II, the old station is one of the places that have become the symbol of the city. As a one of a kind symbols of Istanbul, the Bull Status is also among the places to visit.

Kadıköy, which holds a wide range of alternatives for culture and art activities, offers visitors the opportunity to have a nice time at Süreyya Opera House, Haldun Taner Theatre and Barış Manço House Museum. In addition, the Ayia Efimia Greek Orthodox Church in the district is also worth seeing with its striking architecture.

If you want to spend time in Kadıköy in parks, walking paths or famous streets, you can enjoy the blue sea on the seaside of Moda and have a nice walk while feeling the peace of the city in the Liberty Park (Özgürlük Parkı). It is also possible to have a nice walk on the Bağdat Street, one of Turkey’s most famous streets, and enjoy a variety of boutique shops and cafes.

In short, Kadıköy, standing out as a life vein of Istanbul, awaits you for a beautiful and enjoyable day.

IDO Kadıköy Pier Contact Information

IDO Call Centre: 444 44 36 - 0850 222 4436