İDO Yalova Port

Trips from IDO Yalova Pier

The daily Istanbul trips from IDO Yalova Pier makes the transportation between the two cities much more comfortable.

Intercity Trips:

  • Yalova - Yenikapı
  • Yalova - Pendik

IDO offers quality transportation with its fast ferry services operated from IDO Yalova Pier every day based on the timetable. You can easily buy a ticket and experience the IDO comfort.

History of IDO Yalova Pier

IDO Yalova Fast Ferry pier, which provides the most rapid transportation between Istanbul and Yalova, has managed to serve greatly to passengers for many years. The pier, which was built considering the transportation needs of the region, is one of the symbols of Yalova.

Where is IDO Yalova Pier?

IDO Yalova Pier Address: It is located on Rıhtım Avenue in Süleyman Bey Neighbourhood. Situated in Yalova City Centre, the Pier is one of the most visited places in the city.

IDO Yalova Pier Map

How to Go to IDO Yalova Pier

The municipal buses are the most preferred mode of transport to get to IDO Yalova Pier, one of the central spots of Yalova. However, if you live close to the city centre, you can easily walk to IDO Yalova Terminal.

Where to Spend Time in Yalova?

In Yalova, one of the closest provinces to Istanbul, you have many different options to enjoy your time with. The “Walking Mansion” is of the primary places to visit in the city. Atatürk was behind the story that gave the mansion its current name: The Great Leader went to the farm one day and saw a gardener trying to cut the branches of the great plane tree next to the mansion. He immediately called the gardener to ask him why. “The branches of the tree are longer now, leaning against the wall of the building,” answered the gardener. Unsatisfied with the answer he received, Atatürk ordered, “The tree will not be cut, the building will be moved.” Upon the order, the building was moved and after this event the mansion was called the “Walking Mansion”.

If you are planning to visit the museums in the city, Yalova City Museum, which was opened in 2013, is one of the most important places to visit in the city. The museum where you can see many artefacts of Yalova is free of charge. Karaağaç Park is another alternative to add into your list. Here you can spend a nice time in nature and have pleasant moments with your loved ones.

IDO Yalova Pier Contact Information

IDO Call Center: 444 44 36 - 0850 222 44 36