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History of IDO Adalar Piers

The Prince’s Islands, regarded as the Pearl of the Sea of Marmara, have enjoyed a good reputation since the Byzantine Period. During the Ottoman Era, the Prince’s Islands were used as fishing villages, where foreign nationals began to settle in in the following periods. Thus, the region managed to develop in a short time.

History of IDO Büyükada Pier

Until the first use of side wheelers in 1846, the connection between Büyükada and Istanbul was provided by means of large caiques. During that period, large caiques departed from Büyükada early in the morning to arrive in Istanbul and then returned to the island. In 1846 when side wheelers started to serve, the first pier was built on the rocks that are next to the Plaj Hotel today.

In 1867, a wealthy resident of Büyükada, Joseph Baudouy, bought the filled land in front of today's Clock Square (Saat Meydanı) and turned it into a ferry pier. After having been used until 1899, the pier was later renovated because it failed to meet the need. When it was observed that the renovated pier was lacking in terms of meeting the needs, Mihran Azaryan, an architect from İzmit, was given the responsibility to construct the current stone pier with a frontal part decorated with tiles between 1914 and 1915. In the next years, the pier was also used for different purposes. In the following years Büyükada Pier was used for different purposes, such as its upper floor which served as a refreshment bar (gazino) from 1918 to 1923. From 1928 to 1950 the pier was turned into the Prince’s Islands’ district centre of the Republican People's Party and in the winter of 1950-1951 the building was used as a cinema hall.

Today on the area of Büyükada pier are a meeting hall, Municipal Doctor’s office, and Municipal Police office, as well as a cafe. Next to the pier is IDO Büyükada Pier which has been connecting Istanbul to Büyükada since 1996.

History of IDO Heybeliada Pier

The first ferry port of Heybeliada was a very elegant and beautiful carved wooden structure that was elaborately decorated, which required frequent maintenance work. Therefore, the old wooden pier was removed and replaced with a concrete pier structure. As visitors’ interest in Heybeliada grew in time, the pier could not answer the resulting need and a new concrete pier was constructed with reinforced concrete piles in 1993. IDO Heybeliada Pier was opened in 1997 and has provided the land connection since then.

History of IDO Burgazada Pier

Burgazada is the second closest island to Istanbul. The pier on the reinforced concrete piles, which had been old and insufficient to meet the needs after serving for several years, was renovated in 1993 and replaced with a berth and new pier building with a concrete floor. IDO Burgazada trips became available in 1988 upon the opening of the sea bus pier.

History of IDO Kınalıada Pier

The first pier to be constructed on Kınalıada, which is remarkable as the closest island to Istanbul, was a wooden structure placed on steel piles. The pier was demolished in 1993 and replaced with a new concrete building. Trips to IDO Kınalıada Pier started upon the pier’s opening in 1998.

IDO Adalar Piers Maps

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Where to Spend Time on the Prince’s Islands

The Prince’s Islands, considered a paradise not far from the city, is one of the places that attract people the most at all times of the year. With their natural beauty and calm and quiet nature, the islands are among most preferred holiday options. You have various alternatives to spend time on the islands.

Where to Spend Time on Büyükada

You can consider different options for spending time on Büyükada, which is considered to be the most famously known of the Prince’s Islands. One of the main places to visit on Büyükada is the Hagia Yorgi Church, which has become the symbol of the island. Built in 1751, the church is situated on the highest point of the island. It is possible to reach the Hagia Yorgi Church on foot or by bicycle to enjoy the view from the hill.

To learn more information about the history of the islands, become more familiar with their culture and get the chance to obtain detailed information on the islands, it is important to visit the Princes' Islands Museum on Büyükada. Regarded as one of the most beautiful bays in Istanbul and preferred by those who enjoy the sea on Büyükada, Prenses Koyu (Princess Bay) is another option to enjoy the infinite blue.

Where to Spend Time on Heybeliada

As the largest island after Büyükada, Heybeliada stands out as a frequently visited destination among the Princes' Islands. Known for its lush green nature, this island is a wonderful alternative, especially for those who want to rest their head. It offers different places you can visit, particularly such as the Heybeliada Naval High School which welcomes you as soon as you disembark. Standing as the symbol of Heybeliada with its magnificent structure built in 1773, the Naval High School is one of the most visited places the visitors.

Another place you can visit on Heybeliada is the Hagia Yorgi Church, also known as the Abyss Monastery. The church is located to the south of the island. Built at the end of the 16th century, it is consisted of three different sections. The structure was an important symbol for the people of Istanbul in the 18th century as many people took refuge in the church as a result of the plague outbreak.

Where to Spend Time on Burgazada

Famously known for its churches, Burgazada is one of the most visited islands particularly by foreign tourists. Of these places of worship, Aya Yani Church is the most popular one. As the most popular place of visit on the island, the church is among the most critical witnesses in history as a strong structure that has remained standing since 867. Apart from this church, Christos Monastery is another place of worship that draw tourists’ attention. With fascinating view, this monastery is a must-see.

The house of Sait Faik Abasıyanık, one of the most important story writers in Turkish literature, is another place you should definitely see on the island. Sait Faik Abasıyanık Museum is a must-see for those who want to witness the famous writer's life, get to know him better and see his personal belongings.

Where to Spend Time on Kınalıada

Kınalıada is one of the most visited islands by both local and foreign tourists, especially in summer. Particularly known for Ayazma Beach, Kınalıada is a frequent destination for those who want to run away from the sweltering heat of summer to swim and cool off. It is also possible to visit differe2nt churches on Kınalıada and closely witness the historical texture of the island.

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