IDO's Rules and Conditions of Carriage


1. CARRIER: The company holding the licence for carrying passengers and vehicles on City Lines, Intercity Lines and Car Ferry Lines is İstanbul Deniz Otobüsleri AŞ. Address: Kennedy cad. Yenikapı Hızlı Feribot İskelesi Fatih / İstanbul

2. TRIP: The act of transportation on one the Carrier's lines on a particular day and at a particular time from one point to another.

3. INTERCITY ROUTES: Intercity fast ferry and sea bus lines.

4. CITY ROUTES: Sea bus lines within Istanbul.

5. CONVENTIONAL FERRY ROUTES: The open deck, conventional ferry lines carrying vehicles and passengers.

6. TRANSACTION FEE: The fee added to the ticket price for the sales service of any intercity line. The added fee may vary depending on the sales channel.

7. INVOICE: Tickets for intercity lines are valid as an invoice.

8. FARES: The fee paid for the right to travel on an intercity line, a city line or a conventional ferry line.

9. TICKET: The transport document issued by or on behalf of the Carrier marked with the heading "passenger and vehicle ticket", which lists the Transport Terms and Conditions and warnings.

10. DAYS: Refers to the seven calendar days of the week including bank holidays, with the proviso that in terms of notification, the day on which a notification is received or in terms of determining its period of effectiveness, the issue date of the Ticket or the day of commencement of transportation is not taken into consideration.

11. BAGGAGE: The objects, materials and other personal belongings necessary for the passenger's short term needs of for their holiday. In no case may baggage exceed 20 kg in Economy Class and 30 kg in Business Class.

12. REGISTERED BAGGAGE: The baggage accepted for carriage by the Carrier upon the issue of a baggage coupon.

13. UNREGISTERED BAGGAGE: Any other baggage carried by the passenger that is not registered baggage.

14. CARRIER'S TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The terms and conditions published or produced by the Carrier which regulates the carriage of Passengers and/or baggage and which is valid on the date of issue of the ticket and includes the fare in force at the time.

15. AGENCIES: The İDO ticket sales agency authorised by the Carrier to represent it in the sale of passenger transportation services by sea.

17. PASSENGER: The persons, with the exception of the operation and management personnel of sea buses and ferries, who are or are to be transported, subject to the consent of the carrier, via sea buses, fast ferries and conventional ferries.

18. CARRIED VEHICLE: The vehicles which use the sea transportation service provided by İDO’s ships which are adapted for the purpose of carrying vehicles.

19. DAMAGE: Includes death, injury, delay, loss, damage, partial damage or other harm arising in connection with the carriage service during the course of carriage by the Carrier or in connection with other services related to the carriage.

20. FLUID PRICING: İDO is not bound to applying a fixed fare, and the fee schedule varies depending on the proximity of departure, on a particular day or at particular times and on the number of vacancies on the ship.



The Carriage Regulations specified here apply to the carriage of all passengers and vehicles transported by sea by the Carrier for a fare.


Unless any other regulations are introduced by the Carrier concerning carriage regulations, agreements, tickets and other free passes, the General Conditions herein also apply to any carriage based on discounts or free travel.


In the event that any condition referred to herein or contained in these Carrier's Rules is contrary to applicable laws, government rulings, orders or requests that cannot be renounced by the parties, any conditions herein that are contrary to the law cannot be applied. The invalidity of any ONE condition does not affect the validity of the other conditions.



Until proved otherwise the Passenger Ticket serves as prima facie evidence of a carriage agreement between the carrier and the passenger in possession of the ticket. The contract conditions listed on the ticket are a summary of some of the Carriage Conditions herein.


A passenger who fails to present a valid ticket as issued by the carrier according to the Carriage Conditions is not entitled to claim any rights. The Passenger is not entitled to carriage in the event that the presented ticket is ripped or torn, or has been modified by anyone other than the Carrier or its authorised agent.


In the event of loss of the ticket İDO AŞ cannot issue a replacement. The passenger may only travel upon purchase of a new ticket for the relevant trip.


A passenger ticket issued in a person's name may not be transferred or resold. If a ticket is presented for carriage or refund by anyone other than the person entitled by that ticket to travel, as long as the carrier carries or refunds the person who has presented that ticket in good faith, it is not liable to the person entitled to travel with that ticket.


Tickets for İDO city sea buses and fast ferries are sold through different sales channels. In the event that a ticket offered at a reduced price is acquired at a higher price through a different channel as a consequence of temporary problems, the difference between the reduced price and the sales price cannot be claimed.


Visit or call Customer Services on +90 850 222 44 36 for more information. Because a dynamic pricing system is in effect for intercity lines there are no fixed fares.


Sale of tickets for intercity trips that take place during the course of a year will begin on dates specified by the carrier.


On Intercity Lines, the carrier specifies whether the seats are numbered or unnumbered on specific lines or trips. The carrier reserves the right to change a trip with numbered seats into a trip with unnumbered seats.


The carrier shall specify which persons are eligible to purchase reduced price tickets. Passengers in possession of reduced price tickets must show their discount pass at the Terminal or when requested to do so by the ferry staff during the course of the journey. Failure to do so will result in the passenger being charged twice the amount of the difference between the full price and the reduced price.


Passengers on Intercity Lines, City Lines and Conventional Ferries who are discovered to be travelling without a ticket will be charged twice the ticket price.


Information on the carriage of disabled passengers may be found on our İDO corporate WEB sevice:


Following the purchase of a ticket for an İDO intercity trip, in the event that trip is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of İDO (such as adverse sea or weather conditions, etc. ) the ticket price will be refunded to the passenger in full; in the event that a ticket is subsequently purchased for an alternative date, any potential price difference between the fare for the cancelled trip and that of the newly purchased ticket cannot be claimed. Please click here for the ticket cancellation / conditions for refunds and changes.


The passenger shall proceed to the area identified by the Carrier for the boarding procedure in a manner which is compatible with the carrier's departure and boarding procedures, and shall not arrive at the boarding gate any later than the time specified by the carrier. Failure on the part of the passenger to be at the departure terminal at the time specified by the Carrier (30 minutes prior to the time of departure) will result in the loss of the right to travel if crowded conditions or other circumstances at the terminal prevent the passenger from travelling; the loss of this right may not be contested. Any ticket purchased is only valid for the trip specified on it and does not constitute a right to travel on any other trip; expired tickets are invalid.

It is the passenger's responsibility to check that the details on the ticket are correct; any objections presented subsequently are invalid.

It is dangerous and prohibited for passengers to board or disembark car ferries, sea buses and ferries before the landing ramp has been fully lowered and the ferry staff have given the go-ahead for boarding or disembarking and before the necessary safety precautions have been taken.



The Carrier may, for security reasons or at its discretion, refuse the right of carriage of Passengers or Passenger Baggage or their vehicles for the following and similar reasons:

• Passenger misconduct, age or mental or physical state,

• If the passenger requires special assistance from the Carrier,

• If they cause a disturbance to or provoke complaints from other passengers or

• if they present any kind of risk or danger to others or to their property,

• If the passenger's failure to observe the carrier's instructions requires such a refusal to be made,

• If the passenger refuses security checks

• If the Ticket presented by the passenger has been acquired illegally, or if it has been issued or purchased by someone other than the Carrier or its authorised agent, or if it is reported as being stolen or lost, or if it is a forged ticket, or if someone other than the Carrier or its authorised agent has modified it or if it is ripped (in which case the Carrier reserves the right to confiscate such a Ticket) or if the person presenting the Ticket is unable to demonstrate that s/he is the person named in the section "Passenger Name" (in which case the Carrier reserves the right to confiscate such a Ticket).

• The purchase of a ticket notwithstanding, the Carrier may, for safety reasons, refuse to carry vehicles that pose a danger owing to dangerous cargo, or because their height is liable to affect the balance of the ship, or if they present a danger in parking, docking or manoeuvring due to their dimension, weight, or other causes. The First Mate is authorised to determine these matters. In such an event the ticket price will be refunded in full.

• Vehicles that run on flammable, explosive gases, such as LPG or CNG, are not accepted on ferries with enclosed vehicle decks. The passenger is responsible for stating whether the vehicle runs on LPG at the time the ticket is purchased. In the event that the passenger fails to state this information, the carrier cannot be held liable for the resulting pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages.

• The carrier reserves the right to refuse carriage to passengers who arrive at the boarding terminal in an inebriated state or while under the influence of drugs to the extent that they adversely affect the safety or comfort of other passengers or disrupt the journey. In such an event the ticket price will be refunded in full.

• The Carrier shall not pay compensation to Passengers who have been refused carriage.


Admission for carriage of unaccompanied children, passengers requiring special assistance, pregnant women or sick people may be subject to prior agreement and arrangement with the carrier, as per the Carriage Terms and Conditions. During the carriage of such passengers, the carrier may not in any way be held liable for any deterioration in the health of the passengers in question.

Children under the age of 16 (sixteen) may not travel unless accompanied by an adult. In the event that they do travel unaccompanied, İDO cannot be held liable for any damages or harm that may be incurred.



Passengers are entitled to take on board one suitcase not exceeding 20kg plus one item of hand luggage for Economy Class and 30 kg for Business Class.The carrier reserves the right to request payment for any baggage exceeding these 2 (two) items indicated.

Except in cases where they are damaged through the fault of the carrier, the carrier is not responsible for hand luggage. Wheelchairs of physically disabled passengers are accepted on board free of charge in addition to the hand luggage stated above.


The following items may not be carried in Passenger Baggage:

Articles not matching the definition for baggage,

Dangerous materials defined as materials prohibited in maritime transport, materials with characteristics that may endanger sea buses, ferries, the carrier staff or passengers or their property (more information may be obtained from the Carrier on request),

Materials considered to be prohibited in maritime transportation,

Fragile or damageable materials or materials deemed unsuitable for carriage at the discretion of the Carrier on account of their weight or dimension, live animals not included in the regulations of article 6, firearms and ammunition may not be placed in baggage.

The passenger may not place fragile or damageable materials, money, jewellery, precious metals, silver, deeds or other commercially valuable documents, passports or other identification documents or copies of the same in registered baggage. The carrier cannot be held liable for any damages arising from the placement of items listed in this clause inside the Baggage.


• The Carrier may refuse to carry as baggage those items that have been identified as being prohibited and similar items and may also refuse carriage of items that are not detected initially but are detected when they are handled.

• With the exception of those items listed in Clause 6.2, the Carrier may refuse to carry any article as baggage on account of its dimension, shape, weight or properties.

• The Carrier may refuse to carry as registered or unregistered baggage any articles that have not been packed into bags or suitcases or other suitable containers with the necessary care to ensure their safe carriage.


For safety and security reasons the carrier may request permission from the passenger to search his/her person, vehicle and baggage and may carry out, or have the search carried out, in the absence of the passenger. In the event that the passenger does not comply with this request, the Carrier may refuse to carry the passenger, his/her vehicle and/or baggage.


The passenger shall pay a fee for the carriage of baggage exceeding the free baggage allowance stated in the baggage regulations. The Carrier may refuse to carry baggage exceeding the free baggage allowance and/or baggage for which an excess baggage fee has not been paid.


Dogs, cats, domestic birds and other domestic animals with a valid vaccination and health certificate may be accepted for carriage, upon prior agreement with the Carrier as per the Carriage Terms and Conditions.

Pets are accepted for carriage free of charge in cages provided by their owners (dogs must wear a muzzle) and may only be carried in areas indicated by the ship's staff; they may not travel in the passenger lounge.

Guide dogs accompanying vision- or hearing-impaired passengers shall be carried free of charge together with their cages and their food as per the carriage conditions in addition to the free baggage allowance.

Acceptance of animals for carriage is subject to their owners accepting all liability for the animal in question. The carrier will not be liable for the death, illness, loss or injury of the animal during the course of the journey or for any expenses or other damages arising from such an occurrence.

Those dogs that are of a size that cannot fit in a cage should be admitted on board of the fast ferry, on the condition that they have their muzzle on, from the outside of the terminal building (vehicle tollgates-passenger exit



The Carrier undertakes to comply with the carriage tariffs published at the date of travel and undertakes to exert its best endeavours to transport the passenger and his/her baggage within a reasonable time. However, it is possible that trips may be delayed or cancelled on account of circumstances beyond the Carrier's control. İDO cannot be held liable for any pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages arising from such an event.


In the event that due to forces majeures the ship docks at a destination other than that specified, the carrier reserves the right to choose between procuring alternative means of transport and carrying the passengers to the destination specified on the ticket or refunding the price difference between the destination at which the passengers disembark and that specified on the ticket.

The Carrier reserves the right to change the type of ship assigned to any city line, intercity line or conventional ferry line without prior notice.


Forces majeures (technical difficulties, acts of nature, adverse weather and sea conditions) may result in delays and trip cancellations. İDO cannot be held liable for any pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages arising from such an event.


The carrier is not subject to law number 4736. It is under no obligation to issue a free or reduced price ticket to any person or organisation.

The Carrier is entitled to issue free or reduced price tickets according to its own regulation criteria. Free transport on public transport sea buses is offered to persons who have been disabled in the fight against terrorism, the widowed spouses of those killed, female minors registered under social security organisations other than T.C. Emekli Sandığı (which provides benefits for widows and orphans) who do not work and do not receive a monthly stipend from these organisations, boys who are disabled and dependent to the extent that they are unable to work, their children below the age of eighteen, and their parents.


1. In the event that a passenger behaves in a manner which endangers the ship or any individual or property or which impedes any member of the transportation staff from performing his/her duties or fails to comply with the requests of the transportation staff or gives rise to reasonable complaints from other passengers, the carrier may take the measures it deems appropriate to prevent the continuation of the misconduct in question, including restraining the passenger.

2. Passengers may not use any electronic devices on the ship without the consent of the carrier, only hearing aids required for health reasons and pacemakers may be used.

Passengers must not leave their seats during departure and docking manoeuvres. Passengers must observe any warnings announced by the public address system or displayed on screen during the course of the journey. The carrier shall not be liable for any injuries or damages arising from failure to comply with these regulations.

4. Passengers are not permitted under any circumstances to smoke cigarettes or any other form of tobacco or to consume drugs on any intercity line, city line or conventional ferry line.


If, during the execution of the carrier agreement the carrier makes arrangements for the provision of additional services, the carrier shall not be liable for such arrangements, except in the event of negligence.


Passengers are required to observe all security measures and checks applied by the carrier.


1. The carrier shall only be liable for damages incurred to a passenger or baggage in the event that such damages are due to the fault of the carrier. In the event that the passenger is guilty of contributory negligence, the carrier's liability may be reduced or disregarded in accordance with legal provisions.

2. The Carrier is only liable for damages incurred during carriage it performs. It shall not be liable for carriage performed by another carrier.

3. As long as the carrier is not proven to be guilty of gross negligence, the carrier shall not be liable for damages incurred to unregistered baggage. In the event that a passenger is guilty of contributory negligence, the carrier's liability shall be subject to the provisions of the applicable legislation governing contributory negligence.

4. The carrier shall not be liable for any damages arising from its fulfilment of the provisions of any law or government decisions, requests or requirements, and similarly shall not be liable for any Damages arising from the passenger's failure to observe the same.

5. Carrier liability is limited to the actual proven amount of damages not exceeding the liability limit. The Carrier shall not be liable for any other damages that may occur indirectly.

6. The carrier is not liable for any injuries caused to the passenger on account of an object contained inside passenger baggage or for any damage caused to the passenger baggage. In the event that the property of any passenger causes damage to any person or to any person's property or to the carrier's property, that passenger shall be liable for indemnifying the carrier for all Damages and expenses incurred.

7. The Carrier shall not be liable for any damage caused to fragile or damageable materials, money, jewellery, precious metals, silver, deeds or other commercially valuable documents, passports or other identification documents or copies of the same carried inside the baggage.

8. If a passenger is in danger or at risk on account of age, mental or physical state, the carrier shall not be liable for any illness, injury or disability or resulting death of a passenger as a consequence of the above situation in the event that the health of said passenger deteriorates during carriage.

9. Laws restricting the carrier's liability or exempting it are equally applicable to the carrier's representatives, agencies, personnel, crew and the person steering the carrier's ship and his/her representatives, personnel and crew. The total sum of indemnification that can be claimed from the carrier and its representatives, personnel and crew cannot exceed the upper limit of the carrier's liability.

10. In the event of an accident resulting in passenger death, injury or bodily harm, the carrier's liability shall not be subject to any limitations prescribed by law. In the event that the carrier demonstrates that the death or injury was the cause of the damage or demonstrates the existence of concurrent negligence, the carrier shall be partly or wholly released from liability under applicable law.

11. In the event that the carrier waives their liability limit or their claim of non-liability, no social security or claims for indemnification from similar public organisations or institutions shall apply, regardless of the form in which they are alleged. The carrier shall provide indemnification for any indemnifiable damages of passengers deprived of their benefits that exceed the payments made by the social security or similar public organisations or institutions.


Carriages carried out pursuant to the lease of boats using the service “ÖZEL ÖZEL SEFERLERİ” ("SPECIAL TRIPS") offered by İDO and which include the transportation of dangerous materials and the organisation of all types of events (weddings, meetings, excursions, private transportation, etc. ) are bound by regulations stipulated in a separate contract that will be drawn up for these activities.



Customers should submit their complaints within 7 days of the incident that gave rise to their grievance, together with evidence, if it exists, (tickets, etc. ) to one of the following channels. The message will be dealt with within 15 days of receipt.

Customers may address their complaints to the General Directorship of İDO via one of the channels listed below:


Telephone: +90 850 222 44 36 (press 7).

Fax: +90 212 517 39 58

SMS: 3436 Suggestions (detailed information at By completing a Contact Form.

Request and Complaint Forms: Customers may submit their complaints by completing a request and complaint form which is available on Fast Ferries, Conventional Ferries (only on the Eskihisar – Topçular line) and at the terminals.


In the event of damage to registered Baggage, if the person in charge of receiving the Baggage does not notify the Carrier of the damage immediately upon discovery, and within a maximum of 7 days after accepting the Baggage, or, in the event of delay, within twenty one days of the Baggage being delivered to him/her, s/he is not entitled to initiate proceedings on account of the damage. Complaints must be received in writing within the deadlines stipulated above.


If a suit for damages is not filed within two years of the vessel reaching its destination or of the date on which it was scheduled to reach its destination or from the date on which carriage was interrupted, the statute of limitations goes into effect for any case or petition for loss or damages.


No agency, member of staff or representative of the Carrier is authorised to change or make a disclaimer regarding the present Carriage Conditions.


Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. İDO A.Ş. acts in the most meticulous manner to protect personal data that belongs to company’s clients. By visiting our webpage and/or using online services you agree to terms listed below: İDO A.Ş. can collect your shared personal information such as your name, last name, address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, identity information, tickets and travel data. The collected data may be used to offer you better service, product and options, improve our website, manage processes that are related to your account, create report analysis confirmation and statistical data by establishing a database for trips, services, products, campaigns, promotions and share with specialists provided that privacy terms are followed, for İDO and partner companies to contact you via e-mail, sms and phone. İDO may share your personal information with companies that it procures services in compliance with terms stated above and/or with judicial and administrative authorities in case of a legal liability.


İDO A.Ş. is entitled to change these carriage conditions partly or wholly as and when it deems necessary.




General Rules

• From 14 May 2012, mobile phone use is allowed onboard.,

• Passengers must arrive in departure pier 30 minutes prior departure time.

• On our Inner-City Sea Bus Lines, the vessels may depart from our terminals in case the capacity of the vessel gets full before the scheduled time of departure.

• Ticket sales closes 5 minutes prior departure time.

• Printed tickets MAY NOT BE CANCELLED by Call Center +90 444 44 36 nor our WEB site. They may only be cancelled at a TICKET SALES POINT.

• Vehicles that run on LPG & CNG can NOT TRAVEL on the Yenikapı-Bandırma line.

• Travelling inside the vehicle is not allowed in ferries with an enclosed garage. Please proceed to passenger saloon after parking your vehicle.

• However they may travel on Yenikapı-Bursa, Yenikapı-Yalova and Pendik –Yalova fast ferry lines under conditions. Please click here for details.

• Infants ( 0-66 month ) may travel free (the number of children travelling free is limited to the number of parents on the trip) as long as they do not occupy a seat.

• Number of bicycles allowed on board is limited to 3 on inner city and inter-city seabus lines and are free of charge.

• Number of bicycles allowed on board is limited to 10 on fast ferry lines and are free of charge.

• Bicycle trasportation rules are subjet to change during summer timetable period.


1. All documents on the İDO A.Ş. internet website are the property of İDO AŞ. No information on this website, including the script and software, may be modified, copied, duplicated, re-published, downloaded onto a different computer, posted, transferred or distributed.

Printouts from the website may be made for personal use.

2. Although all possible measures have been taken to purge the İDO internet website of viruses and similar programmes, in order to assure full security the user bears the responsibility to install an anti-virus system and to take all necessary precautions to protect his/her personal computer. In this regard, when using the İDO internet website, the user accepts liability for any consequences that may arise as a direct or indirect result of faults in his/her own software and operating system.

3. All information on the İDO internet website exists for the sole purpose of advertising and providing information. The user may not in any way claim that the "information" on the website is incorrect or that s/he has suffered damages as a consequence of this information. In the event that a user intends to carry out a transaction using this information as a reference, s/he accepts that s/he is obligated to provide the İDO A.Ş. General Directorate with definitive, reliable information and that İDO A.Ş. is in no way liable if the information published on the website is not up to date.

4. İDO reserves the right, at its own discretion, to alter the contents of the website any time it wishes, to modify or terminate any service it provides to users, and to delete the user information and data it has stored on the İDO website. Although every precaution has been taken to ensure that the information provided on its website is correct, İDO cannot be held liable for any existing or potential errors on the website.

5. In the event that a complaint or a summons for an official interrogation is received from authorities and/or it is demonstrated that s/he has committed any kind of electronic sabotage or attack intended to disrupt the functioning of the İDO system, İDO is entitled to investigate the user's identification documents and inform the legal authorities.

6. Due the nature of the internet (WWW), it is possible that information may circulate on the internet without sufficient security measures being taken and may be used by unauthorised people. İDO A.Ş. is not liable such unauthorised usage or for any damages arising from such usage.

7. Occasionally information of a non-personal nature may be compiled on the İDO website. Some examples of this type of information are: The browser type, operating system, and the channel via which the user used to enter the İDO website may be recorded. İDO AŞ uses this information in order to provide better service to its users.

8. İDO A.Ş. is entitled to modify renew or repeal any of the clauses of its conditions for use without prior notice. Every clause that is changed, renewed or repealed shall, from the users' point of view, come into effect on the date of publication.

9. In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Turkey, this agreement shall be executed without any legal conflict. If any clause of this agreement is found to be contrary to the law, invalid or cannot be applied for legal reasons the clause in question shall be removed from this agreement without affecting the validity of the remaining clauses or rendering them inappropriate for application from a legal point of view.

10. İDO A.Ş. can collect your shared personal information such as your name, last name, address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, identity information, tickets and travel data. The collected data may be used to offer you better service, product and options, improve our website, manage processes that are related to your account, create report analysis confirmation and statistical data by establishing a database for trips, services, products, campaigns, promotions and share with specialists provided that privacy terms are followed, for İDO and partner companies to contact you via e-mail, sms and phone. İDO may share your personal information with companies that it procures services in compliance with terms stated above and/or with judicial and administrative authorities in case of a legal liability.

Ticket Changes and Refunds

Ticket change and refund conditions were changed related to the new e-ticket system formed on 1 March 2016.

• Tickets that you have purchased online, via our mobile application or by calling our Call Center at 0850 222 44 36, whether it’s printed or online, can be changed or refunded on any sales channels excluding mobile application.

• Tickets that you have purchased at ticket offices or agencies in cash or by a credit card can only be changed or refunded on the relative ticket office or agency. IDO tickets purchased from Metro agencies can be cancelled and refunded only at the same metro agency.

• The deduction (forfeit) to be applied on ticket changes or refunds will be calculated based on the total amount including VAT after deducting the service fee.

• Ticket change and refund conditions vary depending on the ticket class and service fee depending on the sales channel cannot be refunded. (The remaining amount from the deducted service fee can be refunded).

• BIZ (Business) and VIP (VIP Room) tickets are upper lounge tickets of fast ferries only on Yenikapı-Bandırma and Yenikapı-Bursa line.

Where an inter-city trip is cancelled by IDO,

• Passengers, if they wish, can change or return their tickets. Along with the new e-ticket system, any change or refund can be easily performed for any types of tickets, whether online or printed.

• Tickets purchased online, via mobile application or Call Center at 0850 222 44 36 are automatically returned to the credit cards 24 hours after the cancelled trip. Passengers also can change their tickets, within the first 24 hours, on the website or by calling our Call Center with other trip tickets on the same direction within the first 7 days.

• For the tickets purchased in cash or by a credit card at ticket offices or agencies, you need to apply any ticket office or agency within 1 month to return, and within 7 days to change.

For return-trip tickets, cancellation of the departure trip does not necessarily mean the arrival trip is cancelled. Passengers can refund their tickets without any deduction upon their request.

Ticket Sales Channels


You can purchase your ticket with flexible class and pricing options on

Ticket Sales Channels

Call Center

You can purchase your ticket by calling our call center at0 850 444 44 36

Ticket Sales Channels


You can purchase tickets from the terminals written below.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
    Marmara Adası
  • 12
    Avşa Adası
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
    Armutlu Tatil Köyü
  • 16
  • 17

Ticket Sales Channels


You can purchase your ticket from the listed agencies

  • 1
    ATARLAR PETROL 0256 622 18 75 Değirmendere Mah. Süleyman Demirel Bulvarı No:221 (Kipa Yanı) Kuşadası / AYDIN
  • 2
    ATARLAR PETROL 0256 211 33 30 Ata Mah. Denizli Bulvarı No:62 (Aydın Forum Karşısı) Merkez / AYDIN
  • 3
    AVŞA ADASI / AYATA TUR 0266 896 34 34 İskele Meydanı Avşa Adası İDO İskelesi ido iskele Avşa Adası / BALIKESİR
  • 4
    MARMARA ADASI / AYATA TUR İDO Marmara Adası İskelesi Atatürk Cad. Belediye Binası Karşısı Marmara Adası / BALIKESİR
  • 5
    BİLGİN AKARYAKIT 0266 721 00 21 600 Evler Mah. Atatürk Cad. No:135 (Tır Parkı Yanı) Bandırma / BALIKESİR
  • 6
    MİRAP AKARYAKIT 0266 762 63 10 100.Yıl Mah. Bandırma Cad. No:6 Gönen / BALIKESİR
  • 7
    KARAHALLILAR 0266 224 60 52 Yeni Sanayi Sitesi 4.Kapı Girişi Opet Bayii Karesi / BALIKESİR
  • 8
    PEKUYSAL Yönetim Danışmanlık Hiz. Demirkapı Mah. Demirkapı Sokağı No:364A Susurluk / BALIKESİR
  • 9
    YÖRSAN TESİSLERİ 0266 865 69 55 Sultaniye Mah. Balıkesir Cad. No:107 Susurluk / BALIKESİR
  • 10
    TELLİOĞLU AKARYAKIT 0266 246 14 10 Bursa Yolu Üzeri 17. km. Yeniköy / BALIKESİR
  • 11
    ASAY AKARYAKIT 0224 513 23 94 İmam Aslan Dinlenme Tesisleri Umurbey Mah. Yalova Yolu Cad. No:100-IIB Gemlik / BURSA
  • 12
    SERRA PETROL 0224 713 99 22 Orhaniye Mah. Zindancık Mevkii Ankara Karayolu Üzeri İnegöl/ BURSA
  • 13
    PARK PLAZA 0224 688 51 55 Bursa-İzmir Karayolu Çingençeşme Mevkii Seyran Köyü Girişi No:273 Karacabey / BURSA
  • 14
    GÜRPET AKARYAKIT 0224 614 27 77 Cumhuriyet Mah. Üçkurnalı Mevkii No:41 Mustafakemalpaşa / BURSA
  • 15
    ATLANTİS TURİZM 0224 480 00 66 Görükle Atatürk Bulv. Yeşiloba Sitesi C Blok No:6/A Nilüfer/ BURSA
  • 16
    MUTLULAR MANYAS 0534 030 66 01 Manyas Yeni Mahalle İnönü Cad. Bandırma Yolu Üzeri No.50 Manyas / BALIKESİR
  • 17
    KENT MEYDANI AVM 0224 251 5264 Santral Garaj Mah. Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cad. No:64 Osmangazi / BURSA
  • 18
    SİNDEM ANI TUR 0224 251 5264 Santral Garaj Mah. Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cad. No:64 Osmangazi / BURSA
  • 19
    MUTLULAR GÖNEN 0534 030 66 01 100. Yıl Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No.136 Gönen / BALIKESİR
  • 20
    PARK PLAZA 0224 244 71 90 Geçit Mah. Sanayi Cad. Mudanya Yolu No:754 Park Plaza Osmangazi / BURSA
  • 21
    PLAZATUR 0224 233 63 26 Kükürtlü Mah. Oulu Cad. Selva Apt. No:33/A-B Osmangazi / BURSA
  • 22
    BİGA BİRLİK 0286 316 37 70 Sakarya Mah. Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cad. No:1/1 Biga / ÇANAKKALE
  • 23
    FEVZİ TURİZM 0212 631 52 53 Ali Kuşçu Mah. Fatih Cad. Sayın Apt. No:51A Fatih/ İSTANBUL
  • 24
    VEBAŞ AKARYAKIT 0232 373 94 27 İstanbul Cad. No:82 Bornova / İZMİR
  • 25
    ATARLAR PETROL 0232 435 54 90 Fatih Cad. No:59 Çamdibi / İZMİR
  • 26
    ATARLAR PETROL 0232 856 13 84 Tepeköy Mah. İzmir-Aydın Asfaltı No:338 (Metropolis Otel Yanı) Torbalı/ İZMİR
  • 27
    YILMAZLAR ERDEK 0533 030 66 01 Yalı Mh. Bandırma Yolu Uzeri TEDAŞ Trafo Karşısı Erdek/ BALIKESİR

Ticket Sales Channels

IDO Mobile

You can easily purchase your ticket via our mobile application for both IOS and Android mobile devices.

Hazardous Materials Manual


Please click here to download hazardous substance manual in Maltepe.

Hazardous Materials Manual


Please click here to download hazardous substance manual in Sirkeci.

Hazardous Materials Manual


Please click here to download hazardous substance manual in Harem.

Discount Conditions

*** Discounts only apply to foot passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I buy tickets?

• By using your credit card on

• By calling our call centre for 24/7, on 0850 222 44 36 for credit card purchases,

• By using your credit card on IDO Mobile application,

• You can purchase your ticket at our IDO terminals and our agents.

What is the reason for getting a service fee based on the ticket sales channel?

Our service fee included in the ticket prices has been separated from our ticket prices in our new sales system in accordance with our transparency principle.

To ensure the persistence of the technology and the service that we offer, the service fee is added to the ticket prices for the services provided while purchasing tickets. The service fee charged per seat varies depending on the features of the sales channels.

Why is it required to have the name, surname and date of birth information of all passengers while purchasing an inter-city line ticket?

It is required to have the name, surname, gender, nationality, and date of birth of our guests for inter-city ticket purchases, under the 'Regulation on Passenger Ship Safety and Registration of Passengers on Board'' of the under secretariat of Maritime Affairs.

Could another passenger use my inter-city line ticket in place of me?

A ticket issued to your name cannot be used by another passenger.

Can I book a ticket?

No booking can be made through our ticket sales channels.

Up to how many tickets can I buy?

You can get tickets for up to 9 people at a time.

Can I buy a collective ticket?

Tickets for 10 people and more are accepted as group tickets. You can submit group ticket requests to our mail address: you can forward it to our address.

Can I add additional service to my ticket?

You can also add our "Travel Health Insurance" service that we offer as an additional service while purchasing your ticket.

How long before the departure time can I buy a ticket from the website?

You can purchase your tickets at least 30 minutes before the departure time.

Can I get tickets of round trips by choosing different locations?

You can check your departure and return route different from one another and process your ticket transactions. For instance, you can go to Bandırma and go back from Bursa or you can go as an on-foot passenger and return with your car.

Can I change my ticket to an upper class?

You can change your economy class tickets to business class by paying the difference thanks to our "Class Change" feature on, our ticket offices located at the terminals or our call centre on 0850 222 44 36 that you can reach 24/7 after you participate in the trip.


Can I make payment on the call centre without giving my card information to account representative?

During the call with our call centre on 0850 222 44 36, which you can reach 24/7, you can connect to our voice response system with the help of our customer representative and you can process your payment by entering your card information.

Can I buy tickets with foreign currency?

You can only make TRY currency payments.

Can I pay the ticket by bank transfer?

We cannot process the payment by bank transfer.

Can I save my credit card information?

Yes. You can save your credit card information. Our Hepido member guests can register their credit card information by checking the "I want to save my credit card information" option and by entering the password sent to their mobile phone through a text message. Thus, you can purchase your ticket quickly without having to enter your personal information and card details once again.

Will my credit card information securely be saved?

Payment solution with just a click offered byPayU (infrastructure of payment solutions) allows you to save your card information during the payment and process your transactions without having to enter your card information in your next transaction. During payment stage, you can view your registered cards and use any of your cards you wish. Your card information will be protected by PayU (payment solutions sub-structure) without any security risks. The saved card information is transformed into a "smart key" (token), which is transmitted to the bank during the payment, ensuring that your transaction is processed safely. PayU, the affiliate of Naspers, offers payment services to millions of customers in 16 countries. PayU holds the licences of PCI Data Security Standard, Level 1 certification and the payment institution license granted by BDDK. For more information, please visit


I forgot to take my ticket that I bought online, how can I find out my ticket information?

• After your ticket purchases, you will receive your ticket information via e-mail and SMS.

• Our guests who are Hepido members can view all past and next tickets within our loyalty program.

• Our guests using the mobile application can access their ticket information in detail thanks to the application.

• Our guests can access their ticket information by giving their name, surname and trip information to our ticket offices located at IDO terminals, our call centre on 0850 222 44 36 which can be reached for 24/7 and our agencies.

• Within the scope of our e-Ticket application, our guests can view their ticket information on by entering the PNR information and their surnames.

Can I use my e-ticket as an invoice?

Our guests who bought the tickets from our ticket offices, agencies and call centre channels should also indicate to our staff that they wish to use their tickets as invoices. And the guests who bought their tickets on and IDO Mobile application should check the "I want an e-ticket" option. Otherwise, the tickets will not be accepted as an invoice.

How can I view my e-ticket?

You can view your ticket on using your PNR information and surname at any time.

Can I change the name on the ticket?

No changes on passenger information can be made once the ticket has been created.


What should I do when the timetable is changed?

In case of a timetable change in the ticket you have purchased, you can change or return your ticket without paying any charge difference.

What are the conditions for returning and changing the ticket that I have purchased?

Ticket changes and refund conditions vary by cabin and ticket classes. Click for our ticket change and return policy. (link eklenecek)

How can I make the refund and change transactions for the ticket that I purchased?

For tickets purchased in cash or by a credit card at our IDO terminals and agents, it is sufficient to apply to our offices or your nearest agent.

Besides, for the tickets purchased on, our IDO Mobile application or our call centre, you can process your change/return transactions on or through our call centre in the scope of the applicable rules of the ticket class.

I could not get on board because I changed the vessel since my car runs on LPG. What can I do?

You can change or return your tickets free of charge on condition to be the same line and the same direction through our call centre on 0850 222 44 36 where you can reach 24/7 or on .

I will not be able to show up on the day of the trip due to an illness or death situation. How could you help me about my ticket?

When the medical report or the death notice of the person whose name is issued on the ticket is presented and if deemed appropriate, the ticket can be returned.

I bought a round-trip ticket, can I cancel one-way ticket?

You can return your tickets through all of our sales channels, except our IDO Mobile application, within the framework of the relevant ticket class and the related refund rules of the payment method.

What should I do to include my baby / child in the ticket that I have already bought?

You can add your child (0-5 years) free of charge through all of our sales channels except and IDO Mobile application.

The trip was cancelled due to the poor weather conditions, I would like to change my ticket. What should I do?

Our guests who wish to change their tickets can complete their ticket change transactions by calling our call center within the first 24 hours or on our website, free of charge, for the trips within the first 7 days and on the same direction.

For the tickets purchased in cash or by a credit card through the ticket offices located at IDO terminals and agencies, it is required to apply within 1 month to change them and within 7 days to return them, to any of our ticket offices or agencies.


What does Hepido refer?

The Hepido Loyalty Program is the address of a fast, comfortable and safe travel and a world of digital solutions and special advantages that IDO offers to its esteemed guests. Hepido offers you special campaigns and surprise discounts on contracted stores and a chance to save idoPara when you have inter-city line tickets.

What is idoPara?

iDoPara is the award money that you earn from your trips with IDO.

How can I purchase my award ticket with my idoPara?

You can purchase tickets on the IDO Mobile application and by signing in as a Hepido member if you have enough idoPara. The following rules will be applied for your award ticket purchases.

• Award tickets cannot be cancelled, changed or returned as idoPara.

• If we are the ones cancelling the trip, then idoPara will be returned to the account of the member.

• HEPIDO members can only get award tickets from cabin-based classes (Economy (X) and Business (l)).

• HEPIDO members cannot earn miles from promotional class tickets.

• Each guest can only earn idoPara from his / her own ticket, and no idoPara can be earned through tickets purchased for someone else.

How can I change and refund the tickets that I purchased with my idoPara?

Tickets purchased with idoPara cannot be changed or refunded except for trip cancellations.

Do I have to be a member of HEPIDO to buy tickets from IDO's website?

You can purchase your tickets on without being a member.

Besides, you can buy tickets more quickly and easily as a Hepido member and you can benefit from special advantageous campaigns.


Can I smoke on board?

As per the law numbered 4207, smoking of any kind, including electronic cigarettes, is strictly prohibited on board including the open areas.

Can I sit by the window?

If possible, you can prefer your seat by the window.

Is there any internet access on board?

You can have internet access on our vessels operating on Yenikapı - Bursa and Yenikapı-Bandırma lines. For more detailed information about our Wi-fi service, click here.

Is there any catering service provided on board?

Catering service is only provided for our guests traveling in our First-Class lounges.

Are there places where I can purchase food and drink on board?

Click here to see our food and drink areas on our vessels and at our terminals.

Are there private passenger lounges on board?

We have private rooms of 4 people on Yenikapı - Bursa line and First-Class rooms of 8 people on Yenikapı - Bandırma line.

Can I visit the captain's bridge?

Due to security reasons, it is not allowed for our guests to enter the captain's bridge.

Do you have lifts on your ferries?

Apart from the Pendik – Yalova line the vessels operated on the other three lines (Yenikapı – Yalova, Yenikapı – Bursa, Yenikapı – Bandırma lines) have lifts that elevate to the passenger lounges. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Fatih Sultan Mehmet operating on the Pendik-Yalova fast ferry line do not have lifts elevating to the passenger lounges.

What is the difference between a fast ferry and a sea bus?

While passengers and vehicles are carried with our fast ferries, only passengers are carried with sea buses.

Can I have my bike with me on sea buses and fast ferries? Should I pay?

Yes, you can. Bikes are carried free of charge on inner and inter-city line sea buses, which have a capacity of 3 per trip. On our fast ferry and conventional ferry lines, 10 bikes could be carried free of charge.

Do you have infirmary on your ferries?

Our captains and ship crew working on our ferries have first-aid knowledge and are qualified for intervention when necessary. Besides, there are first aid supplies on captain's bridges. In serious cases, we also contact the land staff for emergency assistance.

What is travel health insurance?

Travel insurance refers to insurance products and options that protect against individual accident and treatment coverage as well as travel troubles.

Is it possible to cancel or return your travel health insurance?

Cancellation of the policy will be possible only if there is a valid cancellation reason. For detailed information, please click here.

Can I travel with my pet?

You can have your pets weighing up to 8 kg with you on the journey. Pets are not included in the free baggage allowance and would be charged.


Can I park my car at the terminal?

The parking lots next to our fast ferry and sea bus terminals are not operated by our company. Click to see the list of terminals with parking lots nearby.

Do you have special services for disabled people?

Click here to see our special offers for our disabled guests. (link eklenecek)

Are there ATMs at terminals?

Click here to see the ATM lists present at our terminals. (Link eklenecek)

What if I have a wheelchair request?

It would be sufficient to contact with our terminal staff to transmit your request.

How could physically disabled and elderly passengers get on board?

There are golf carts between the passenger lounge and the ship at the Yenikapı, Bursa and Yalova fast ferryboats, which enables our elderly and disabled guests to board the ship. There are also electric wheelchairs at our terminals if needed.

From which terminals can I buy an inter-city ticket?

You can purchase the inter-city tickets or make all related transactions from the ticket offices located at our Kadıköy, Bostancı and Pendik terminals on the Anatolian side of Istanbul and; Yenikapı, Bakırköy ve Beşiktaş terminals on the European side of Istanbul.

Can I pay by credit card on Eskihisar - Topçular line?

No credit card payment service is provided for Eskihisar - Topçular line. You can pass by paying in cash. Our on-foot guests can use their discounted Istanbul cards and our guests travelling with their cars can pay in cash or use HGS or Vakıfbank KGS cards (Electronic toll collection cards).


Is the driver included in the price of the vehicle ticket?

The driver is included in the price of the vehicle.

How can I get the most affordable tickets?

You can take our most advantageous price opportunities with early purchases or as being a Hepido member.

What does the weekend timetable refer?

On our fast ferries and sea buses, the weekend timetable is applied for Saturday and Sunday. If there is no special timetable for Eids, only the weekend and holiday timetables would be applied.

Can you use your Istanbul card on fast ferry and sea bus inter-city lines?

Istanbul Card only applies to inner-city sea buses and conventional ferry lines (on-foot passengers). You need to buy your ticket in advance since the inter-city lines are accepted as ticketed lines.

Should children pay?

The number of children (0-5 to 5 years) who are free of charge on condition that they travel without a seat is limited to the number of parents participating in the trip. When the number of children in the trip (0-5 - 5 years) exceeds the number of parents, a 15% discount ticket will be arranged by the system for each child and a seat could be given for each.

How much should I pay for my excess baggage?

Click here to review the extra baggage allowance. (Link eklenecek)

What is the age restrictions for babies?

Infants between 0-5 and 5 years old are classified as infant passengers on our vessels.


I have realized that I’ve lost my suitcase after I got out, what should I do?

With regard to the items you forget at our terminals and vessels, you can contact us by dialling our call centre that you can reach 24/7, on 0850 222 44 36 and pressing 5.

I have found a lost item, what should I do?

You can contact the ship's lounge manager or a terminal officer to direct you to the "Lost Property" unit if you have found a lost property.


Where and how can I request additional trips?

On special occasions such as official holidays and eids, we apply a special timetable and arrange additional trips depending on the requests of our esteemed guests and the situation of the boats in our fleet. You can follow our planned additional trips on our website and IDO Corporate Facebook and Twitter accounts. You may contact us at for your extra trip requests. The request and suggestions of yours, our esteemed guests, are very important to us. Reviewing your requests and we will certainly get back to you through your contact information.

How can I learn about the opportunities and campaigns?

You can be instantly informed of discounts and opportunities by filling the form of "Inform about the campaigns" on our homepage on

How can I learn about the trips cancelled due to weather conditions and other compulsory reasons?

Up-to-date information on cancelled trips can be accessed from our communication channels below.


• Our call centre on 0850 222 44 36 which you can reach 7/24

• The announcement section of our IDO Mobile application

• IDO Corporate Facebook and Twitter Accounts

• Our Agencies

What is the number of IDO Call Centre?

You can get service 24/7 from our Call Centre on 0850 222 44 36.