Sea And Miles SSS


Sea&Miles Loyalty Program a world of digital solutions and special advantages that İDO İstanbul Deniz Otobüsleri San. and Tic., the address of a fast, comfortable and safe travel, (hereinafter referred as "IDO") offers to its esteemed guests. Sea&Miles offers you special campaigns and surprise discounts on contracted stores and a chance to save idoPara when you have inter-city line tickets (fast-ferries and sea bus trips).

Providing you a chance to collect idoPara from your travels with IDO; Sea&Miles will ensure that you take advantage of the attractive deals with contracted brands and special offers and surprise campaigns.

Membership is free of charge.

You can become an individual member of Sea&Miles through the following channels :

• You can become a member by filling the application form on www.ido.com.tr.

• IDO Mobile Application: You can sign up instantly by downloading IDO Mobile app via Appstore / GooglePlay to your smartphone.

• IDO Terminal Ticket Offices: You can apply for pre-membership at our terminals. When you complete mandatory entries for membership in the application formyou can become an active member by confirming the Sea&Miles General Terms and Conditions on the link sent via private SMS to your mobile phone within 30 days.

You can be a member by submitting your Turkish identity number, mobile phone number, name, surname, e-mail address, gender and date of birth on www.ido.com.tr or through İDO Mobile application, at IDO terminals.

Your Sea&Miles membership number is your mobile phone number. You can do all your transactions on your mobile phone number without using a physical card.

Your membership is valid only for you, and can be used only by the Sea&Miles member. Otherwise, the membership will be terminated

If your mobile phone number changes or if transferred to someone else, you can update your information on www.ido.com.tr or through IDO Mobile Application on “My Personal Information” tab, in “Contact Information” by signing into your account.IDO cannot be held liable if members are not informed about the phone number change or any other changes related to membership information.

Clicking on the link "I forgot my password" on www.ido.com.tr or on mobile application, you can update your password with either options; SMS or e-mail.

You can update your membership information on www.ido.com.tr or through IDO Mobile App by signing into your account and clicking on “ My Personal Information “ tab in “Contact Information”section.

Two separate memberships cannot be combined under one single account.

idoPara is the money that you have wined from your trips with IDO.

Wining idoPara for individual memberships:

You will earn idoPara from your trips with IDO. The idoPara you have wined will be saved in your individual membership account. You can only win idoPara on the tickets issued to your name, not on the total price of PNR.To process your idoPara automatically on the account, you need to buy your ticket by signing in to your Sea&Miles membership using your phone number and password on www.ido.com.tr and IDO Mobile App and clicking on “Buy Ticket”. You should convey your phone number to the attendant belonging to Sea&Miles membership while you purchase your ticket at the box Office in IDO terminals.

Filling out your membership information on the "Personal Information" section on your Sea&Miles profile will make you win extra idoPara. Each Sea&Miles member updating their membership information will be able to win extra idoPara only once during the membership period.

iDoPara will be uploaded into member account within a minumum of 24 hours following your trip.

Sea&Miles members can win idoPara for their trips in all ticket classes.

If you buy tickets for another Sea&Miles member as a Sea&Miles member yourself, only the Sea&Miles member which the ticket issued to his/her name will win idoPara. However, if the person that you bought the ticket for is not a Sea&Miles member, no idoPara might be won.

You can retrospectively process your idoPara related to your trips made at least 3 months after your membership is activated. You can make this transaction on www.ido.com.tr, under "Missing idoPara Processing "section by signing into your account.Can I win idoPara one more time for the tickets that I have bought?

You cannot win iDoPara for the tickets that you have purchased using iDoPara.

If I make a ticket change, will my idoPara be deleted from my account?

If Sea&Miles members make changes on the tickets that they have purchased before the trips; the winning of Idopara belonging to the new ticket will be uploaded into member account within a minimum of 24 hours.

Tickets purchased with iDoPara in Sea&Miles are named as award tickets. Award ticket purchases with iDoPara can be made onwww.ido.com.tr via the IDO Mobile application. You cannot win idoPara for the trips made with award tickets. IDoPara which is required to use award tickets should be active on the account of Sea&Miles member. Opportunities might be subject to restrictions set by IDO and IDO might make extra regulations and changes regarding the acquisition and use of certain awards.

For each purchase, 1 TL equals to 1 idoPara.

You cannot convert your idoPara into money.

Sea&Miles Member can use award tickets for someone else using the idoPara in their accounts.

IdoPara is valid for 2 calendar years starting from the date on which it is actived. idoPara which is not used and fell due at the end of 2 calendar years will be deleted from the membership account.(For example; idopara earned on 15.05.2018 will expire on 31.12.2020)

Extracts showing idoPara balances are sent to Sea&Miles members via e-mail at the end of each month.Sea&Miles members can instantly view their idoPara balances by signing on "My idoPara" table on www. ido.com.tr

Tickets purchased with idoPara cannot be changed or refunded. When inter-city line trips are cancelled by IDO, idoPara returns of the Sea&Miles members purchased their tickets by using idoPara are automatically performed. If a round-trip ticket is purchased, the cancellation of the departure does not necessarily mean the cancellation of the return trip. Return tickets can also be returned upon the request of Sea&Miles members.

Sea&Miles members can terminate their memberships at any time they want without complying with any period of notice by making application through the following channels:

• Applying by e-mail to info@ido.com.tr through the registered e-mail address in our system that is stated according to Membership/transport contract,

Applying by e-mail to info@ido.com.tr signed with secure electronic signature belonging to the member,

• Filling out the Personal Data Protection Application form on www.ido.com.tr; by applying with the notification through notary or the registered e-mail and in person.

If the membership is terminated with the demand of the member, idopara ,saved in the account will be initialized.