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1)  Where can I buy tickets for ticketed lines?

- At the Terminals and Agencies shown on - www.ido.com.tr

- By dialling our Call Centre at +90 444 44 36 for credit card purchases

- By visiting www.ido.com.tr for credit card purchases

2)  I've forgotten the details of the ticket I bought online.

If you made a transaction on the Online Ticket Sales system

    You can locate your ticket details by matching up your PNR and Phone number or  Name on the MY TICKETS menu.
  • If you made a transaction AND YOU ARE A MEMBER:
    You can view all your transactions  by logging in to MY IDO.

3)  When and how can I cancel my ticket?

Printed tickets may only be cancelled at Agencies and at our Terminal ticket offices.
Tickets purchased from www.ido.com.tr or by dialling 444 44 36 and  unprinted tickets

can be cancelled on www.ido.com.tr or by dialling our call centre on  444 44 36.

Please click here to visit the Conditions for Ticket Cancellation and Refund.

4)   How can I turn the e-ticket I bought with my credit card on www.ido.com.tr or by dialling +90 444 44 36 into a physical ticket?

  • You can turn it into a physical ticket in one of two ways: By inserting the credit card that was used for the transaction into the İDOMATIK machines at our terminals,
  • Or by presenting the PNR code used for the transaction to the ticket office attendant

5)  How long before the departure time do I have to be at the terminal for intercity lines?

Our passengers with a vehicle and on foot passengers are required to be at the terminal 30 minutes before the departure time.

6)  Do children have to pay?

Children under 66 months may travel free on condition that they do not occupy a seat. Number of children travelling free of charge can not exceed number of parents in the journey.

7)  What days do weekend timetables apply to?

Fast Ferries and Sea Buses have weekend timetables on Saturdays and Sundays. If no specific timetable has been announced for public holidays, then the weekend and holiday fares are valid.

8)  How can I find about about trips cancelled because of adverse weather conditions or other unavoidable reasons?

Cancelled trips on our inter-city lines sea bus and fast ferry crossings) can be checked by viewing our notices on the main page of our website.

Cancelled crossings on inner-city line sea buses are announced on our website.

Furthermore, if you become a member of our CANCELLED TRIPS VIA SMS service, the details of which are on our website, you can receive information about cancellations of the city line sea buses of your choice by text message. ( Only Turkish mobile numbers accepted. )

9) What's the difference between a fast ferry and a sea bus?

Fast ferries carry both passengers and vehicles while sea buses carry only passengers.

10) Which crossings operate in summer but not in winter ?

  • Istanbul –Avsa Island- Marmara Island
  • Istanbul –Gemlik- Kumla
  • Istanbul- Çinarcik- Esenköy

There will be no service on these crossings during winter period.

11) How can our physically disabled and elderly passengers get from the terminal to the ship?

There are golf carts between the passenger lounge and the ship at the Yenikapı Fast Ferry landing deck which will enable disabled and elderly passengers to board the ship. There are also wheelchairs at our terminals.

12) How can I cancel a ticket that I purchased with my Sea & Miles reward points?

Free tickets obtained with reward points may not be cancelled. 

13) Can I take my bicycle onto a Sea Bus or a Fast Ferry? How much will I be charged?

Bicycles may be taken on board city line sea buses free of charge, number of bicycle to be transported per trip is limited to 3,  on fast ferry and conventional ferry lines, number of bicycle to be transported is limited 10 and is free of charge.

14)  Why don’t you have services departing from Çanakkale?

As stipulated by the Turkish Straits Regulation vessels cannot pass through the strait at a speed above 10 nautical miles. This would mean that the strait can be crossed in approx. 4 hrs and this would mean that the advantage of speed and affordability is removed. These services cannot be held with Fast Ferry type vessels since adequate passenger comfort cannot be provided.

15)  Do you have infirmaries on board of your ferries?

The masters and crew operating our vessels have first aid certificates and are capable of intervening in cases of emergencies. Additionally the bridges of our vessels are equipped with first-aid kits. In case of emergencies connection with the land can be established to call for emergency help.

16) What should I do if I’d lost my ticket?

İDO tickets substitute as invoices and cannot be reprinted. Our passengers are responsible of submitting their tickets while travelling, and the till the time of departure the responsibility of the tickets are the sole discretion of our esteemed passengers. From the moment that a ticket is purchased our passengers will be undertaking the commitment of taking the service at the date and time stated on their tickets to IDO. However the tickets that are not used on the date and hour stated on them are deemed null and void and no claims can be made on this ticket. It is not possible to get refunds or rebook a ticket that is not used for the journey.

17) How and to where can I relay my request for extra services?

IDO performs extra services on days like National Holidays and Fest periods. Extra services are performed depending on the demand of our passengers and the availability of spare vessels on our fleet. The planned extra services are announced on our web site www.ido.com.tr and IDO’s official pages on Facebook and Twitter to our esteemed passengers. You can relay your requests of extra sections by sending an e-mai to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The suggestions and requests of our esteemed passengers are invaluable to us. Your request will be appraised and you will certainly be provided with feedback through your contact details.

18)  Can I pay by credit card at Eskihisar – Topçular line?

Fares for Crossing cannot be paid by credit card payments are the Eskihisar – Topçular line. Our tollgates are working on an upfront/cash payment basis. While our on foot passengers can pass through our tollgates by having their smart tickets read, our vehicled passengers need to pay in cash or use their HGS card (electronic toll collection card).

19)  How can I find out how long I will have to wait at the stowage area at the ferry terminal?

You may send an SMS to 3436 by only typing the name of the terminal you are at without the Turkish characters to find out how long you will be waiting at the Eskihisar – Topçular and Sirkeci – Harem terminals. i.e. if you are at the Eskihisar terminal you may write ESKIHISAR and send it to 3436 as an SMS. The average waiting period at the pier will be sent to your mobile in return for a fee of 2 small text messages.


20)  From which terminals in Istanbul can I obtain a ticket for your inter-city services?

Tickets can be purchased, rebooked and refunded at our following terminals:

On the Anatolian side of İstanbul; from our Kadıköy, Bostancı, Kartal and Pendik, On the European Side of İstanbul; Yenikapı, Bakırköy, Kabataş, İstinye, Sarıyer, Avcılar (only for the Winter Ttimetable).

21)  Why do you request the ID information of the passengers when purchasing a ticket for your inter-city services?

As stipulated by the Decree of the Undersecreteriat of Maritime Affairs acquiring the name, date of birth, licence plate info of the passengers is obligatory. The ID info of the passengers are requested for personal accident insurance coverage and security purposes any case of occurrence of an incident.


22)  Can another person use my ticket for an inter-city service?

Tickets issued to the name of the passenger cannot be transferred or resold. In the event where where the ticket is submitted by someone other than the rightful owner of the ticket for rebooking or refund, the carrier shall not be held liable against the rightful owner of the ticket in case the carrier transports or refunds the person submitting the ticket out on good will.


23)  Do you have lifts on board of your vessels?

İDO transports passenger and vehicles on 4 fast ferry routes that connect İstanbul to the South of Marmara Region. Apart from the, Pendik – Yalova line the vessels operated on the other 3 lines ( Yenikapı – Yalova, Yenikapı – Bursa, Yenikapı – Bandırma Lines) have lifts that elevate to the passenger lounges. There are no lifts that go up to the passenger lounges on our fast ferries, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Fatih Sultan Mehmet operated on the Pendik – Yalova line.


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